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Pat Scardina
"Now that I've found a simple,
natural solution, it  saddens me
to think that other women are
suffering needlessly."
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My Teens and Twenties - Unproductive
It’s hard to remember when it wasn’t a problem.  Being female, that is, and having
to deal with debilitating problems associated with my monthly cycle.  From my first
onset at age 13 I remember missing school one to two days per month.  I was
relegated to my bedroom with my feet raised to control the bleeding, wrapped in
heating pads and water bottles and enough aspirin to fuzz my mind.  Then at 16 I
discovered the world of prescription drugs and, while I can’t say the pain abated,
I don’t think I noticed it as much.  And of course as time went on I needed
stronger prescription drugs.  I added over the counter drugs and even some
medication to help me sleep.  I spent almost three weeks out of every month in
pain and in a stupor!  I remember priding myself on being able to go to work and
not having to miss two days out of the month.  Of course, I was there
physically, but mentally I wasn't able to focus on my work and I wasn't very

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My Thirties - The diagnosis and recommended solutions
I had my typical visits and tests through a number of gynecologists and
specialists.  They prescribed birth control pills to ease the problem, injected male
hormones, and performed numerous D&C’s and laparoscopies.  My official
diagnosis was endometriosis and I had it bad!   Of course they told me marriage,
pregnancy and breastfeeding would be the cure-alls.  Well one of the symptoms
of endometriosis is infertility and after 11 years of marriage without birth control,
one could make the leap that getting pregnant would be a problem also.   
Through more procedures and new drugs, I did manage to become pregnant.  
Since my menstrual cycle ceased, I did find relief (thank goodness since I couldn’t
use my prescription medication while being pregnant).  But alas my pregnancy
was over in nine months.  I breastfed, as recommended, for almost 9 months, but
as soon as I stopped breastfeeding  my cycles began again and my symptoms
came back too.  I was 35 and back on the same track, only now pregnancy wasn’t
an option that would grant me relief.

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My Forties - Surgery?
Basically, I was told that when I could stand the pain no longer, I would need a
complete hysterectomy.   When you have endometriosis, everything must be
removed because that tricky endometrial lining can travel and grow anywhere in
the body if it is fed with the appropriate hormones.  To make matters worse, I
would not be able to take any kind of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and
would be plunged into immediate menopause.  I put up with it until I was 41.

By this time my stomach was irritated because of the pain medication and I was
getting little relief from the strongest of medicines.  In addition to the debilitating
pain every month, I now suffered with constipation and other bowel problems.

I was scheduled for surgery May of 1993.  While I was awaiting surgery, I began
to do some heavy reading on the surgery, what to expect and what was to follow.  
What I read really scared me!   Everyone recommended that you start HRT
immediately after surgery because immediate menopause would be horrific.  I
started questioning whether it was appropriate to remove all these organs from
my body electively.  After all, they were put there for a reason.

I cancelled the surgery and decided to wait for menopause naturally.  I just knew
that I would begin menopause at any early age and since this should cure the
pain, I’d just wait.

After 25 years of pain, what were a few more years?

The Onset of Menopause
Less than a year later I began to develop hot flashes, nights sweats and irritability
– my wish was coming true.  However, since I still had a regular menstrual cycle,
now I had just added to my list of maladies.  I had trouble sleeping at night and
stayed tired.  I held myself together at work but at home was irritable, short
tempered, and not a pleasant person to live with.  I was miserable.

A Glimmer of Hope
In the summer of 95, my neighbor, sensing my stress and unhealthy nature,
offered help in the form of whole food nutrition.  In my desperate state, I told her
to order whatever she thought might help me.  There was a 90 day money back
guarantee and I figured with the amount of drugs I had ingested over the years, it
certainly couldn’t hurt me.   

Give yourself a glimmer of hope, too.  Contact me now.  Let me help you
take back your health.

This Natural Program Really Worked
About a month into the program I noticed that I felt less stressed and had a more
positive outlook.  It was as though I had taken a deep breath.  I was amazed at
how much nicer I seemed to be to my family.  Throughout the next six months, I
began sleeping at night and stopped having hot flashes and night sweats.  I
noticed that I needed less and less pain medication and then, nine months after
starting the products, I was surprised with a monthly menstrual cycle.  You have
to understand that I always knew when my monthly menstrual cycle was coming –
I would have pain for a week prior.  And now, I was caught completely off guard!

It has been almost 13 years and I haven’t looked back.  I’m progressing through
menopause, have been period free for four years, without hormone replacement

I am an active, energetic 55 year old woman, who is better at 55 that she was at
45. I am pain free and have had no medications of any type in over 10 years.  I
sleep deeply and only require 6 hours of sleep each night. I’m now living vibrantly
in the prime of my life.  
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Are you ready for a natural solution?
If you're ready for natural menstrual cramp relief, then I encourage you to try
these products for yourself.  With a 90 day money back guarantee, what do you
have to lose except for maybe 10-20 years of needless pain and frustration.   

It saddens me to think that anyone would go through what I did – years and years
of spending three out of four weeks each month in debilitating pain.  Life is
supposed to be fun four weeks out of every month!
SO, ACT NOW!  For a little
more than $1 a day you can begin your nutritional program that can balance your
hormones and bring relief to menstrual cramps, naturally.


Let my experience help guide you.   After these many years, I’ve learned how to
use these products to have a healthy menstrual cycle and to effectively transition
into menopause.
Don't suffer any longer fill out the free consultation form
and let me know your story and together let’s change your life, too!
 I'll be
with you every step of the way, encouraging you and enjoying your progress.  
You have absolutely no risk following my program.  If you are not completely
satisfied with these natural and organic products, then you can return them for a
full refund.  

Looking forward to talking to you soon.

Pat Scardina
Natural Menstrual Cramp Relief
An effective, long-term, natural solution
Are you ready to rid yourself of unnecessary
menstrual cramps, naturally?

It took me 31 years to find this all natural solution!  I had to deal with
unbearable pain, frustration and sadness several weeks out of every month.
I tried everything my doctors recommended with no avail.

Sound familiar?  Want to talk about it with someone who knows?  
Contact me for a free,  no obligation consultation, and together let's try to
get your life back on track, too.

I've put this website together in hopes that I can help many women
avoid the unnecessary pain of menstrual cramps, naturally.
I used to use heating pads all
day to try to lessen the pain and
of course I took a lot of pain
medications.   Now the first day
of my period has became as
normal as any other day.
Donia Alawi
For Donia's entire story,
click here.
After taking these products, I
noticed I no longer had to look
for ways to relieve the pain of
menstrual cramps.  
Deanna Leslie
For Deanna's entire story,
click here.
NOTE:  Due to company policy, I cannot list products on
this website.  
Contact me and I will send you the links
to my specific product recommendations.
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